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Business Interruption Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

A business interruption policy from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency can help you through a shutdown due to a covered catastrophe. Also called “time element insurance,” this policy provides income during the “time” your business is closed or significantly impaired by physical damage to your property.

Business Income with Extra Expense

A business income with extra expense policy provides money to help with the cost associated with a:

  • temporary relocation;
  • business operating expenses, such as rental equipment to replace what was lost; and
  • income shortfalls for a set time after you reopen.

No Need to Guess

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we take the guesswork out of preparing for disasters like a business shutdown. Our advisors work with clients throughout San Francisco and the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas to benchmark your monthly business revenue, identify key personnel whose incomes need to be covered, and determine your emergency response expenses and your monthly outlays that would continue even if your company were closed by a disaster.

We can also help with risk management. Our loss-control services include important components, such as contract/lease reviews, coverage evaluation and exposure analysis.

Put business interruption insurance into your business continuity plan.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at