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Flood/Earthquake Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Whether you are on a coastal property or deep inland, when you live in San Francisco and throughout northern California, Arizona and Lake Vegas, Nevada areas, you face daily risks from Mother Nature. Seismic movements and floodwaters can be damaging events on their own, but they can also lead to ancillary problems that may not be covered by standard commercial property insurance.

An earthquake insurance and flood insurance policy from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency can be the critical piece of protection you need to get your business back up and running after a natural disaster.

The Advantage of a Flood Policy

Commercial flood insurance claims for 2006-2010 (the latest data) averaged $85,000. Without a business flood insurance policy, companies usually have no coverage for damages to their buildings or contents if they are damaged by floodwaters.

With a commercial flood insurance policy you will have coverage for:

  • physical damage to your property, including the building, its foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, central air conditioning equipment, furnaces and water heaters
  • any installed appliances, such as refrigerators, stove and dishwashers are covered along with some installed carpets, wall coverings, bookcases, and cabinetry
  • window blinds
  • garages

Detached buildings require a separate Building Property policy. You can also get coverage for personal possessions within the insured buildings, and limits of coverage can be extended with upgraded policies or excess flood insurance.

Earthquake Insurance Details

Often referred to as a Difference In Conditions (DIC) policy, commercial earthquake insurance can be a business saver after a trembler strikes. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers business earthquake insurance for tenants and commercial property owners that covers building structures, business personal property, business income loss, damage from sprinkler leakage due to the quake, improvements upon rebuilding so your property meets ordinance and law requirements, and possibly other needs.

Buildings that have been retrofitted to survive better during earthquakes usually have a higher rate of acceptance and a lower premium than buildings that haven’t been upgraded. Your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency advisor can help you understand all the complexities of obtaining earthquake insurance and mitigating losses from earth movement.

Stand up to Mother Nature when she tries to shut you down.

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