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Inland Marine Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

A standard business insurance policy limits coverage for off-site property as well as mobile property of high value. That can mean a great deal of risk for some companies. Inland marine insurance provides coverage for property that isn’t stored at the premises named in your commercial property insurance policy as well as for your high-end items you keep on premises.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency supports business insurance clients throughout San Francisco and the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas with superior inland marine insurance options.

What Inland Marine Covers

Inland marine insurance can insure buildings that are under construction and the materials stored at them, as well as accounts receivable, transmission towers, items in custody, and other things that are not generally thought of as your “property.” It can serve as a kind of liability coverage for repair shops, drycleaners and other bailees that have customer property under their care.

High-value property can also be covered by inland marine insurance. That means if your building has art, antiques or high-end collections of any sort, you can insure those against theft, damage, vandalism and other perils.

Covered Classes

Typical classes covered by inland marine insurance include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bailees
  • Builders risk
  • Cargo
  • Contractor tools and equipment
  • Installation floater
  • Medical equipment
  • Television and communication

Your Risks

Inland marine insurance usually covers mobile equipment against risks such as storm damage, theft, rolling, collisions, falling objects and vandalism, among others. You may also be able to obtain coverage for debris removal, cleanup of fuel spills or other pollutants leaked from your equipment, and the cost of renting replacement equipment, for example.

Don’t leave your mobile equipment and high-value business possessions uncovered.

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