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Pollution Liability from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

The only thing worse than damaging the beautiful environment out West could be dealing with the devastating cost of cleanup and damage awards. Without pollution liability insurance, your business could find itself facing bills it simply can’t pay.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offer business insurance clients throughout San Francisco and the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas pollution liability insurance that can be counted on to respond if you are at fault for an environmental accident.

Coverage Details

The costs associated with cleanup and restitution for property damage and bodily injury resulting from the release of pollutants are usually excluded from a commercial general liability insurance policy. They can, however, be covered under a pollution liability insurance policy.

Both sudden and gradual pollution incidents are usually covered, whether they occur at your insured premises or at an offsite workplace. You can structure a policy to cover lead abatement, liquid waste remediation, wetlands damage, contamination of waterways or air ducts, and many other environmental liability risks.

Your policy will help pay for your legal defense and can be designed to insure your company against “long-tail” events—those that may occur after your policy (and even your operations) have been discontinued.

Typical Purchasers of Pollution Liability Coverage

Sometimes available as “commercial pollution legal liability insurance,” a pollution liability insurance policy is available to owners and operators across a wide swath of industry sectors, including:

  • contractors
  • marine businesses
  • auto shop owners
  • medical facilities
  • food service organizations
  • restaurants
  • landscapers
  • and many others

Even those in the real estate and investment property industries may need coverage for land they own, depending on what lies beneath the earth or inside the buildings they own or lease to others.

A pollution liability event doesn’t have to be toxic to your business.

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