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Commercial Umbrella and Excess Liability Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Businesses of all kinds face commercial liability exposures. Once in a while, a company will get hit with a liability claim that vastly exceeds its coverage under a primary commercial liability insurance policy. In those cases, costs that exceed the limits of insurance under the business liability policy must be met out of corporate coffers—even if it means borrowing against or selling business assets.

There is a way to protect against such high-value liability incidents. A commercial umbrella insurance policy or excess liability insurance policy is designed to respond in just such a situation.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers business insurance clients throughout San Francisco and the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas commercial umbrella insurance that can protect your company against these increasingly common, high-ticket events.

How It Works

A business umbrella insurance policy can work in two ways: It can increase the coverage provided by your underlying primary policies, such as business auto liability or commercial general liability; and/or it can insure against risks that are excluded from such policies.

Commercial umbrella insurance provides the needed level of extra funding for personal injuries to third parties or property damage to expensive vehicles, machinery, equipment or other belongings and structures. Sometimes it is possible to get umbrella insurance that enhances your coverage in an industry-specific insurance program, such as a business owners policy (BOP).

With the high cost of medical care and the prevalence of lawsuits, umbrella insurance is increasingly important.

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