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Auto Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Whether you negotiate the coastal hills of San Francisco or haul a horse trailer through the mountains near Lake Tahoe, you and your vehicle deserve the best in auto insurance and insurance broker services. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency is here to meet your needs, serving clients in the northern California, Lake Tahoe and Arizona areas.

Policy Basics

A car insurance policy has two basic functions: protecting your property investment and helping pay if you injure someone or damage their property. Our automobile insurance policies can do both and at a competitive price.

All our policies meet state liability insurance requirements, but you may want and need to enhance your coverage to insure against serious injuries or expensive damage you might cause.

On the property side, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency vehicle protection can cover damage to your vehicle from both collisions and non-collision events. Comprehensive coverage helps pay to repair damages caused by things other than car accidents—things like falling tree limbs, water damage and flying debris. We can also insure you against windshield breakage, vandalism and theft.

Other Policy Options

Our uninsured/underinsured motorists insurance provides coverage in the event you are hit by a driver with too little or no auto insurance.

You can enhance your car insurance with coverage for rental car costs while your car is in the shop after a covered event, as well as your liability while using a rental or borrowed car. Many of our insurer partners offer roadside assistance and towing, and some will cover customizations you make to your vehicle. If you have a trailer or other special needs, we can accommodate those as well.


There are many ways to improve the price you pay for auto insurance, and your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency professional will help you find all that apply. Those may include multi-policy discounts, safe-driver considerations, deductible adjustments, and good-student discounts, to name a few.

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