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Boat Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Boating is as personalized as each individual owner. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency serves all types of boat owners, including fisherman, pontoon partiers, speedboaters, permanent houseboat residents, and more. Our boat insurance clients range from the shores of the Pacific to the inland waterways of northern California, Nevada and Arizona.

Types of Boats We Cover

We insure all classes of boats as well as personal watercraft.

Our boat insurance policies can cover:

  • your sails, hull, equipment and built-in furnishings
  • damage to your boat from a collision or non-collision event (such as a storm)
  • towing
  • personal possessions that are brought on board (such as fishing equipment or other personal articles)

Roadside assistance is available for your tow vehicle, and some insurers offer equipment breakdown insurance and damage from corroded through-hull fittings and other wear and tear that is often excluded from the standard policy.

Boaters Liability Insurance

All our boaters insurance policies provide marine liability insurance that meets state minimum requirements, but we also offer extended liability coverage to protect your assets in the event you are responsible for serious injuries or large-scale damage to another’s property. Under a boaters liability insurance policy, you will receive help for legal defense costs, monetary settlements and damage awards assessed against you.

You can also get fuel spill coverage and medical payments/bodily injury coverage that help pay for other expenses that often confront boat owners.

Uninsured Boaters Insurance

If you are hit by a boater with too little or no insurance, you could face extensive bills alone unless you have uninsured boaters/underinsured boaters insurance, which steps in to pay what the offending party should, but may not be able to, pay. This coverage is not automatic, so be sure to include it in your policy.

Ask us about available discounts that can improve your boater policy’s price.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at