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Earthquake Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

The beauty of the West runs as far as the eye can see, but it’s what’s underground that can get ugly. A significant portion of our region is prone to earthquakes, and that means that your home and personal belongings are vulnerable to damage that isn’t covered by home insurance policies.

Whether you live in a house, condo, apartment or other dwelling, an earthquake insurance policy from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency will help if a trembler strikes.

Risks from Earthquakes

Many times we think of catastrophic scenes with giant cracks in the earth that swallow highways and reduce buildings to rubble. Truly, that can happen, but more often we get just enough shaking to cause expensive, but not irreparable, damage.

Exteriors of homes, such as brick and stucco, can crack. Foundations can be split or compromised in other ways. Interior walls, floors and possessions can be damaged by the shaking, and sprinkler systems can be activated, causing significant water damage.

Coverage Highlights

An earthquake insurance policy can help pay for damage to buildings and personal possessions, depending on the policy’s language. Some policies will also cover events that result from an earthquake, such as landslides, settlement and mudflow.

In California, home insurers must offer minimum requirements for earthquake insurance, such as coverage for your home’s contents of at least $5,000 or 10% of the covered dwelling loss, as well as payments for additional living expenses of at least $1,500 if you should have to vacate your home because of earthquake damage. Higher limits of coverage may be available, and you will be offered coverage at least every other year from your homeowners insurance company.

Other states, such as Nevada and Arizona, don’t mandate that insurers offer their homeowners customers earthquake insurance, but many insurers offer it anyway. There are also stand-alone earthquake policies for those who want to buy from a provider other than their home’s insurer. You can purchase earthquake insurance for your residence and for vacation properties.

Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover earthquake damage or non-fire incidents that result from earthquakes.

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