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Homeowners Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

One of the building blocks of a secure home is the excellent protection you get from quality homeowners insurance. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers both property and liability coverage for your house, its contents, your belongings and your assets. We serve homeowners throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area, northern California, Nevada and Arizona areas with superior home insurance.

Perils Covered

A homeowners insurance policy can cover:

  • fire, explosion, and theft
  • water damage from burst pipes or ice dams
  • windstorms, and vandalism among others

If you want coverage for sewer and drain backups, floods or earthquakes, those can be added as enhancements or by a separate policy. They can be structured to cover your house as well as your contents.

Liability Insurance

Your homeowners policy also includes coverage for your liability for injuries to others and damage to their property. If someone is hurt at your home or by someone insured under your household policy, your liability insurance will help pay for legal defense costs and for any reparations you need to make to the injured party. If you want coverage to include dog bites, accidents, and pool or trampoline injuries, make sure your policy doesn’t specifically exclude them.

For special liability issues—for example, risks excluded from your standard policy or concerns about the limit of payouts under the typical policy—there are options your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency professional will show you to build out your coverage. Those might include personal umbrella insurance or other liability enhancements.

Special Property Needs

For high-value collections, jewelry, antiques or any other unusually expensive items, there is inland marine insurance, often called a personal articles floater. It can be added onto your homeowners policy to insure those high-end possessions.

Don’t forget to talk to us about multi-policy and other homeowners discounts!

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