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Life & Health Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Many people insure their home and possessions—often it’s required by the mortgage company. But what about protecting your assets, your heirs and the health of your family?

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers a comprehensive suite of personal insurance throughout the northern California, Nevada and Arizona areas. Our professionals can advise you on how best to structure a life insurance and health insurance portfolio to maximize your security and well-being.

Life Insurance

A good life insurance program will contain term life insurance, which typically has high levels of coverage for low prices, as well as whole life insurance, which lasts later into life, builds cash value and can even be structured to provide an income to you in your retirement.

Life insurance can be used to maintain the lifestyle of spouses and children in the event of your premature death, or it can provide funds to keep a business in the family, pay estate taxes, leave money to a charity, or fund trusts for heirs. In fact, if you are a partner in a business or have a large asset portfolio, you need life insurance that is built to respond to a series of complex contingencies.

Health Insurance

Not everyone has an employer-sponsored health plan; moreover, the law is set to change, bringing new options and requirements to all Americans. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we are keeping up with all the innovations and can help you navigate the regulatory labyrinth. We offer many kinds of health insurance plans, from preferred provider plans to health maintenance organizations. We can also support your health insurance needs with major medical or supplementary medical coverage that can bridge gaps left by an employer-provided plan.

We find life and health insurance that meets your specific needs.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at