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Long-Term Care Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Long-term care can be outrageously expensive, and it isn’t just the elderly that end up needing it. If you are in a serious accident or have a surprise health problem when you are young, you could find yourself needing extended professional care that simply isn’t covered by your health insurance.

Long-Term Care Coverages

For such circumstances, there is long-term care insurance. It is designed to help with the costs of personal care in the home or at an assisted living facility, a nursing home or some other adult daycare program. It can also be used for expenses associated with skilled care needed because of a chronic medical condition, a disability or a cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer’s disease).

Although long-term care insurance can be expensive, coverage can prevent your being bankrupted by the cost of long-term services. The younger you buy it, the less it usually costs.

Many states require guaranteed renewability clauses, meaning you can’t be cancelled just for using the product or developing a condition after signing on for coverage. Some also prohibit insurers from raising your personal premiums unless they raise the rates for everyone in your insurance class.


You can choose a policy with 100% home care coverage or less, depending on the insurer you go with. You can also adjust your waiting period—that is, the time it takes for benefits to kick in.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we provide many long-term care insurance options throughout the northern California, Arizona and Nevada areas. We are happy to advise you on your eligibility for long-term care coverage as well as the various benefits that are offered.

Long-term nursing home care can exceed $120,000 a year in metropolitan areas.

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