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Mobile Home Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

A mobile home can serve as your primary residence, your vacation getaway, or a rental property. Whatever its purpose, it can be insured under a mobile home insurance policy from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency.

We serve homeowners throughout the northern California, Arizona and Nevada areas and would like to show you how a mobile homeowners insurance policy can help you.

Types of Homes Covered

Mobile home insurance can cover many types of structures, including manufactured and modular homes, whether they are in a mobile home park or on a private lot.

Mobile Home Coverages

Coverage applies to the house, its contents, and exterior structures, such as sheds and garages, if they are damaged by a covered cause of loss, such as explosion, fire, broken pipes, wind, hail, vandalism, landslides and other perils. Many policies also cover living expenses while your property is being made habitable after a loss.

You can opt for an agreed-loss policy that sets coverage amounts for the loss of your home or a replacement cost policy, which doesn’t apply depreciation to the value of your property.

Some insurers will cover food spoilage, sewer/drain backup, and damage to your home while it is being moved, among other options. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency also offers flood insurance and earthquake insurance that can cover the structure and its contents, depending on the policy you choose.

Liability Coverage

Mobile home insurance provides liability coverage, too. It will help pay for legal defense costs if you are alleged to be responsible for injuries to someone who doesn’t live with you or damage to their property. It will also pay for certain damages and settlements associated with your liabilities.

We can even cover your mobile home during transport.

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