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Personal Articles Floater from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency has many homeowners insurance clients in the San Francisco, Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, northern California and Arizona areas who own special items of high value. Often, those possessions need to be added to the home’s insurance policy to make sure their true worth is covered properly.

Items Covered

A personal articles floater is an addition to your homeowners, condo insurance or renters insurance policy. It covers your high-value possessions in your home and on the road and can insure furs, jewelry, Persian rugs, expensive photography equipment, fine art, silver, musical instruments, and other high-value items.

Usually, there is no deductible, and the policy covers all perils that aren’t excluded, from storm to theft to mysterious disappearance and more. It often can be extended to also cover breakage.

Anyone with high-value personal belongings that exceed the coverage provided under their home’s insurance should get a personal articles floater, also called “inland marine insurance.”

Special Considerations

Policies can be written to allow for repair, restoration, or replacement, and there are often provisions for the loss of part of a set, which undercuts the value of the remaining pieces. An appraisal of certain items may be required by your insurer.

You will have options regarding deductibles, and there may be special policy details that are based on how you use the items you are insuring. For example, if you display your collections publicly or travel overseas, you may need special language in your policy or be interested in loss-control services we and your insurer can provide.

Your special possessions may need special coverage.

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