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Renters Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Whether you live in an apartment, a house or a condo, you need insurance that protects your belongings and helps pay for legal defense and damages or settlements in liability cases. This is true even if you are renting.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we help renters in northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, areas get the protection they need.

Coverage Options

A renters insurance policy covers the property inside your dwelling, including window coverings, furniture, clothing, other personal possessions. Your landlord may have a policy on the building and some liability, but your belongings are rarely insured by the landlord. If you have fine art, silverware, jewelry or other high-value items or collections, you should consider a personal articles floater, or inland marine insurance.

You can be displaced by a fire, a terrible storm or another catastrophe. A renters insurance policy can be structured to provide money for temporary relocation expenses.

Liability Insurance

If you face a lawsuit or claim alleging that you are responsible for injuries and/or property damage to others, you could face stiff legal bills and payments to the injured party. Your renters insurance policy’s liability coverage will help pay legal defense bills and settlements or awards that you are assessed, up to the limits of your policy.

If you need extra liability coverage—either to increase your insurer’s payouts or to cover things that are excluded from your policy—talk to your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency professional about personal umbrella insurance. We also have earthquake and flood insurance policies that can come to the rescue when disaster strikes.

Although renters policies are surprisingly affordable, they can be priceless!

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