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Personal Umbrella Liability Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Personal umbrella insurance is a liability product that sits above your other liability insurance coverages and opens up if you need it.

Sometimes, the liability protection offered under the insurance policy applicable to the claim isn’t enough to cover the very worst kinds of incidents. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we suggest personal umbrella insurance to many of our clients in San Francisco, Bay Area, and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Nevada areas.

What Umbrella Insurance Supports

An umbrella policy extends over your other primary policies, including homeowners insurance, car insurance, and more. It can increase the limits of coverage you have under those policies, and—in many cases—it can provide insurance for risks that are excluded from your other policies. For example, an umbrella policy might be written to cover injuries that occur because of your negligence at a rental unit or serving too much alcohol to someone at a party at your home.

The Benefits of an Umbrella Policy

If you have a swimming pool, trampoline, certain breeds of dog, or teen drivers you may have liability risks that are higher than the average. If you own a boat, host parties, or own guns, an umbrella policy may be an excellent addition to your insurance portfolio.

The typical liability coverage could easily be exhausted by legal bills and damages, settlements or awards in a liability claim. If you consider what the costs would be of a single car accident that destroyed a new Corvette and permanently disabled and disfigured its driver, you can imagine how financially devastating such an event would be to you and your family without the appropriate insurance protection.

When liability storm clouds gather, an umbrella policy can give you good cover.

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