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High-End Autos, Classic/Collector Car Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

High-value automobiles—including sports cars, antiques, classics and collector cars—are best insured under an automobile policy designed for their particular needs. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we provide car insurance for high-value vehicle owners throughout the region, including San Francisco, Incline Village, Tahoe, northern California and Arizona.

Whether you use your vehicle for showing, touring, or just hobby restoration, we have auto insurance that will meet your needs. Our property policies can work off of a stated value or cash value basis, or they can be set at an agreed value, which will protect you from the effects of depreciation.

Our liability insurance is an important component of your coverage, as well. If you use your vehicle for business or allow other drivers to operate the car, we can find a policy that corresponds to those uses.

Show Cars

Many classic car owners want auto insurance that covers their auto show activities. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we offer medical reimbursement coverage for insured injuries at auto shows, comprehensive insurance that covers the car and spare parts, and automatic coverage for purchases up to specified limits. We have options to cover towing, even flatbed assistance in some cases.

Additional Value

Our classic car insurance can be enhanced to insure your automotive tools, tool storage units, memorabilia, ornaments and more. If you have other accessories, hot rods or collector motorcycles, your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency professional will show you your options.

Serving collector cars and classic owners with quality products and advice.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at