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Disability Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, our private client services extend far past simple insurance solutions. We are specialists at wealth and asset protection. That’s why high-net-worth insurance clients throughout the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tahoe, northern California and Arizona areas turn to us for advice and top-grade products.

Income protection ranks among our high-net-worth clients’ top concerns. In response, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency has developed relationships with the nation’s preeminent insurers to provide disability insurance income protection. The Social Security Administration says that 25% of income earners will experience some period of disability during their working lives. That could be short-term disability, long-term disability, partial disability or permanent total disability. In the worst-case scenarios, income earning potential would be ended.

Disability Options

A disability insurance policy can help. Our short-term policies can help keep income flowing while you wait for a long-term policy or government benefits to kick in, and our long-term policies can provide benefits far into the future, replacing income that is permanently lost due to a disabling injury or illness.

We craft our policies based on your earnings, occupation and health. Some insurers offer policy riders that allow for increases in your benefits based on inflation or enhanced earnings. These riders are excellent ways to ensure that your protection stays in line with your lifestyle.

If you are in a specialized profession, such as medicine, we have access to disability policies that are tailored to your “own occupation,” which means that, if you are rendered unable to work in your specific field of training but can work in a lower-income practice, you may still receive benefits for the difference in earnings.

Your income can be insured!

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