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Employment Practices Liability Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency’s high-net-worth clientele often employ domestic service providers—housekeepers, groundskeepers, drivers, nannies, etc. Those trusted employees not only enhance your household, they also enhance your risk for liability.

Even when you treat your employees right, problems might still arise. There can be disputes over pay, hiring decisions, workload or duties, vacation time, sick or emergency leave, and employment termination. You could even run the risk of allegations regarding sexual misconduct, tax violations or employee-citizenship problems. Your assets and reputation could be at risk, especially if the issues are serious and become public knowledge.

Coverage Options

An employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency is the best way to insure against such incidents. We provide domestic employers throughout the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tahoe, northern California and Arizona areas with excellent, affordable insurance for just these kinds of scenarios.

It covers expenses associated with your legal defense, settlements, and administrative actions (such as governmental actions against you). You can enhance your legal options, as well—for example, opting for defense costs coverage outside of your policy’s liability limits, choosing to have your legal bills paid for from the first dollar forward, and/or selecting your own attorney.

Many insurers also offer crisis-response packages to help with public and media relations, which can be very important in high-profile cases.

Even the best domestic employers can be hit with employee complaints.

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