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Fine Art Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Many high-value homes contain pieces of fine art—for example, paintings, period vases, sculptures, or collections of porcelain, such as Lladro, Limoge or Hummel. Whether your art is in precious metals, antiques, posters, textiles (such as Persian rugs) or something else, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency has fine art insurance that is designed to specifically protect your pieces.

Our high-net-worth insurance clientele throughout the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Incline Village, Tahoe, northern California and Arizona areas appreciate not only the excellent insurance coverage but also the quality service we and our insurer partners provide regarding care, recovery and restoration of your valued works.

Coverage Benefits

A fine art insurance policy from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency begins with an accurate valuation of your pieces. We can refer you to the best appraisers available who will ascertain the appropriate value of the works you want to insure. Our policy options include basing coverage on agreed value or actual value, and they can be structured to pay for restoration or a cashout. We work with you to find an insurer whose coverage and benefits best match your needs and desires.

That could include getting the right price point, or it might entail finding an insurer that offers concierge services to move pieces that are threatened by foreseen events, such as wildfires or floods. Some insurers offer such risk-mitigation services, and many will pay to have specialists pack, ship and store your artwork to avoid damaging storms or other events.

Risks Covered

We insure against theft, weather-related catastrophes, fire, vandalism and even accidental damage. Our policies can also be structured to accommodate transporting and showing your pieces.

From heirlooms to art nouveau, we have you covered.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at