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High-Value Homeowners Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

While homeowners insurance isn’t hard to come by, advisors who specialize in high-end homes and their owners’ needs are.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we specialize in high-net-worth home insurance in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and throughout the Incline Village, Tahoe, northern California and Arizona areas. We consider your house, contents, exterior structures, liability, and more. We have the sophistication of a large brokerage, but we provide the service and attentiveness of a boutique agency.

Your Concerns Are Ours

Your high-value home most likely is filled with quality—or even priceless—contents, ranging from fine art to top-quality electronics and designer clothing. Getting the right insurance for your personal possessions is more than just assigning a percentage value of your home’s value. We work with you to determine just what contents you have and if they need to be “scheduled”—that is, listed separately for inland marine coverage.

Your lifestyle is also important. If you are gone for significant parts of the year, say on vacation or in a seasonal residence, we will want to address that in your insurance policy. If you have personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats or yachts, your homeowners policy will not offer the protection you want. No worries—we have policies that can take up where your home insurance leaves off.

Outside the Box

Pools, trampolines, outbuildings, stone fencing, gazebos, ponds and other exterior structures or enhancements certainly need to be included in your insurance considerations. They could also affect your liability insurance needs. Make sure to talk to us about all of them. We even need to know about your animals, since some dog breeds and other exotic pets can alter your insurance coverage.

If you use your home for entertaining, you will also be interested in our special event insurance policies and our high-value umbrella insurance, both of which enhance your liability protection.

We also offer flood insurance and earthquake insurance for homes that are at risk.

We treat your home as more than a financial asset.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at