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High-Value Umbrella Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

High-net-worth insurance clients in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the northern California, Tahoe and Arizona areas face substantial risks from liability claims and lawsuits. To protect their assets, homes and reputations, the services of a high-net-worth insurance broker are needed.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we provide the sophisticated services and products needed by our private clients in the area of liability insurance. That includes personal umbrella insurance, which enhances the liability coverages that already exist in your primary homeowners insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance and other policies.

Asset Protection at Its Finest

A high-value personal umbrella insurance policy will kick in when the limits of your underlying policies for auto, home, boat, etc. are used up. It can also enhance your liability coverage pertaining to domestic employees. Umbrella insurance may be structured to provide coverage for liabilities that are excluded from underlying policies, depending on what kind of umbrella insurance you choose.

A high-value umbrella policy offers substantially higher limits of insurance, often into the millions of dollars. You can opt for legal defense coverage from the first dollar forward, and you may even be able to choose your own legal counsel.

Why Buy Umbrella?

If you or your insured family members are found liable for a serious injury to someone or expensive damages to their property, your primary homeowners, auto or other applicable policy might not have high enough limits of coverage. Part of the private client insurance services we provide to those in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and beyond is an evaluation of your underlying insurance and your liability risks.

When your primary policies run dry and the claims are still flowing, turn to an umbrella policy.