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Jewelry & Valuables Coverage from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency’s high-net-worth insurance clients tend to have jewelry and valuables that exceed the coverage provided by their homeowners insurance policies. In response, we offer private client insurance in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the northern California, Tahoe and Arizona areas that specifically addresses this need.

Our jewelry insurance and personal articles floater insurance policies for valuable possessions provide exceptional coverage for designer pieces, sets/pairs, antiques and heirlooms. We can refer you to excellent appraisers for up-to-date valuations, and we will help you with risk-control ideas to keep your jewelry and valuables safe at home and on travel.

Risks Covered

Our jewelry policies can be structured to cover theft, breakage, loss, mysterious disappearance, lost stones, and outright destruction of your pieces in a fire or other catastrophe. Our insurer partners can also accommodate losses at sea or on international travel.

Special Considerations

If you are insuring gemstones or watches, our experts can make recommendations on important coverage specifications regarding replacement stones or other components so the restored piece has the same value as the original, pre-loss piece.

We partner with insurers that understand the need for expert restoration and repair, so quarreling about quality shouldn’t be a concern. In fact, our jewelry insurers specialize in high-net-worth clients and are attentive to their particular needs—both upfront with accurate appraisals and at claim time with fast, fair settlements.

Wear your best pieces with confidence!

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at