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Vacation Home Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers high-net-worth insurance buyers in Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and the northern California, Silicon Valley and Arizona areas vacation home insurance that meets the standards of private client insurance customers.

Standard home insurance policies may have usage restrictions that limit coverage for properties that are left vacant for long periods, as secondary homes often are. The most suitable policy for a getaway property is vacation home insurance.

Benefits of Coverage

You can tailor your policy to seasonal use, and if the property is a high-value home, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency will shepherd you through any extra processes for covering all its structures and contents. Your policy will contain a liability component also so third-party injuries will have coverage.

You will be covered for losses due to weather, theft, vandalism, fire and other named perils, depending on the policy you choose. Some insurers offer private client services for high-value vacation homes, including wildfire risk mitigation and security services. Rebuilding to “green” standards can often be accommodated, and coverage for landscaping and other exterior enhancements is frequently an option.

Special Considerations

If your vacation home is a mobile home, a modular home or a qualified historic property, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency can still find a fitting policy for it.

Fine art, Persian rugs, guest use of the home, swimming pools, tennis courts and boat docks with or without boats are all extra items that need to be insured in association with your vacation property if they apply, so let’s talk about all the details.

We also have flood and earthquake insurance policies available for properties that are at risk.

Rest easy that your vacation home is protected when you’re there and away.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at