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Wedding Insurance and Special Events from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, many of our high-net-worth insurance customers in the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Lake Tahoe, and northern California and Arizona areas host gatherings both at their homes and elsewhere, and – when there’s a wedding or other celebration – you can count on it being lavish.

Types of Events

Special event insurance is designed for short-term or one-time events and covers the organizers and/or hosts from expenses associated with claims that they were negligent or responsible for property damage or injury.

We offer wedding insurance, as well as coverage for picnics, fairs, horse shows, wine tastings, graduations, other parties, fundraisers, meetings of all kinds and hundreds more events.

The Risks

When you invest in a party or other special event, you face several risks that could result in financial losses:

  • Cancellation due to weather
  • Cancellation due to other causes
  • Liability
    • Bodily Injury/Property Damage
    • Third-Party Property Damage
    • Collapse of Temporary Structure
    • Contract Liability
    • Damage to Premises
    • Host Liquor Liability
    • Liquor Sale Liability
    • Medical Payments for Injured Parties
    • Terrorism

With a special event insurance policy, you will get help paying for legal bills and any settlements or damages for the injured party.

Special event coverage is a cost-effective way to protect your event and your assets.

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