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Non-Profits and 501c(3) Insurance Program

Non-profit organizations experience many of the same property and liability risks as businesses, and they often have employees and volunteers who need to be protected as well. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency serves nonprofits and 501c(3) groups in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas with risk advisory services and insurance targeted to their specific needs.


We offer commercial property insurance that covers buildings and contents, as well as business interruption insurance, equipment breakdown, employee dishonesty, inland marine for your portable or high-value equipment or possessions, and many other special coverages for property that might be peculiar to your organization.

Our business auto policies will be of interest to any group whose employees or volunteers drive on behalf of the organization, and we offer special event insurance that is often valuable to groups that host fundraisers, fairs, parties and other gatherings.

We also provide commercial liability insurance that covers injuries to clients and visitors and damage to their property for which you are responsible. Our management liability, professional liability, and directors and officers liability insurance can prove invaluable if a claim of misconduct or errors is brought against your organization or representatives. You should also consider molestation and abuse coverage, especially if you work with the elderly, the handicapped or youth.


Our non-profits insurance is available to all 501c(3) organizations, including:

  • Business and trade associations
  • Business networking groups
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Clubs and societies of all kinds


Just as with any business, your non-profit can expect to be exposed to fire, storm, flood, earthquake and vandalism damage at some point. You may also rely on special equipment for the services you provide or activities you conduct. If that breaks down, your operation could be shuttered. If it’s mobile and is damaged offsite or in transit or it is stolen, you might not have coverage under the standard commercial property policy.

Fine art, antiques and high-value collections could be part of your organization’s property. If you have those, they need to be insured specifically, and special consideration needs to be made if they will be displayed publicly.

Many nonprofits have volunteers or satellite/adjunct employees who help periodically. If you receive this kind of ancillary help, you need to insure against injuries to them and claims of work-related misconduct related to them.

Talk to Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency for a detailed analysis of your risks and advice on insuring against them.

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