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Technology Insurance Program

When you live in or near Silicon Valley, San Francisco or the northern California, Arizona and Nevada areas, you are most likely immersed in the culture of cutting-edge technology. Our region’s developers and servicers help untold numbers of other industries.

A technology insurance program from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency can protect your technology firm from expensive liability claims and property damage.


Our commercial property policies can insure your business buildings, their contents and your specialty equipment. They can also be written to cover software and data.

On the liability side, we offer commercial general liability, but we can enhance your protection with cyber liability and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance as well as with liability policies that cover employment practices problems, directors and officers (D&O) misconduct, and employee dishonesty (crime).


We serve technology professionals, including:

  • Software designers and developers
  • Network administrators
  • Help desks and call centers
  • IT consultants
  • Systems engineers
  • Website developers and more

Our advisory services and insurance products assist those who design, build, repair and administer computer hardware, software and systems.


Your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency advisor will examine your risk of being held liable for privacy breaches, the transmission of viruses or malicious code, data deletions, losses or damage caused by the failure of your product, and contract disputes.

We will also analyze your exposure to equipment breakdown due to malicious code or physical damage, and we’ll talk to you about avoiding losses and getting insurance coverage for both risks. If you work offsite, as many service agencies do, you may be exposed to business auto liabilities and property damage. If one of your employees steals from a client, either tangible items or intellectual property, the right insurance could save you from legal bills and restitution costs. Let’s look at your options.

If your products or services are sold outside the U.S., we can also discuss global coverage.

Talk to Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency about insuring your technology business and reducing your loss exposures.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at