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Claims Analysis from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

An insurance claims analysis quantifies your numbers of claims and the amounts insurers have paid out to your company. It also provides a deep look at the specifics of the claims, which can reveal trends and problem areas.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency provides businesses in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Lake Vegas, Nevada areas with claims analysis services for many areas of risk.

The Value of Claims Review

If you have higher than average claims in a certain area—such as errors and omissions, theft or equipment breakdown, for example—it will benefit you to identify your weaknesses. You can use the data from the analysis to develop loss-control programs that may ultimately lower your premiums.

A claims analysis can also reveal errors in your insurance record that insurers see and use to calculate your premium. Using your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency analysis, you may be able to have errors expunged from your records.

A Comprehensive System

Analyzing claims across your entire insurance portfolio can help you decide the kinds of coverage you need most and can help you determine what kind of deductibles, or retentions, you are willing to take on. If you have historically good performance on employment practices liability, you might be interested in carrying a higher deductible on the bet that you won’t have many costly claims to pay on. You might opt for a lower-cost policy that doesn’t offer first-dollar defense or one that allows defense costs to fall under your limits of liability coverage.

If you find that you have higher than average auto claims, you might devote more of your risk management resources to driver training or even change your hiring practices. The impact of a deep claims analysis can generate savings and safety improvements.

Go beyond the numbers and root out systemic causes of loss using claims analysis.

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