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Contract and Lease Reviews from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

When you are in business, you are constantly asked to sign contracts of all sorts.

Types of Contracts We Review

Maybe they are contracts that bind you to provide a service or product. They could be agreements that allow you to subcontract to a general or lead contractor or that permit subs to work for you. You could also be required to sign a contract for leased equipment, vehicles or office space. Whatever kind of binding agreement you encounter for your business, there will almost surely be insurance implications.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we provide businesses in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Lake Vegas, Nevada areas with contract and lease reviews that put a bright line under embedded insurance considerations.

Benefits of a Review

Some contracts, especially those concerning subs, independents and additional insureds, can open your company up to hidden risks. Adding insureds, if not done properly, can undermine your liability insurance limits and leave you with less coverage than you expect and pay to have. Employing independents who are misclassified or who don’t carry their own proper insurance could land you in hot water at claim or audit time, especially when it comes to workers compensation insurance, employment practices liability insurance, and errors and omissions insurance.

If your contract involves the lease of property, such as a rental car, equipment, offices or storage, you need to make sure you aren’t on the hook for property damage or losses that your commercial insurance policy doesn’t cover. We can help you identify any such gaps.

With the new healthcare and employee benefit laws, there are even contract concerns regarding your provision of benefit plans and compensation packages. Your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency advisor can help you stay up to date on all regulatory requirements.

Avoid surprises at insurance claim and audit time by running contracts and leases by us first.

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