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Exposure Analysis from Cal-Nevada

It’s not always obvious what exposures you have when you are in business. Managers and owners are usually focused on operations, strategy and revenues, so it’s hard to make time to evaluate what kinds of risks are lurking around the corner.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency provides businesses in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Lake Vegas, Nevada areas with exposure analysis that helps companies see what their risks are now and may be in the future.

What We Bring to the Table

Our principal, Terry Jarcik, has years of experience working on large, complex accounts. We bring a long history of expertise to loss-control based on an understanding of clients’ exposure to costs due to claims. We have the knowledge that you would typically find at a large brokerage, but we continue to provide the services and attentiveness of a local agency.

Our advisors keep abreast of the latest trends in claims and developing risks, such as cyber security, regulatory changes, and record court-ordered awards in liability cases. We look not only at your current worksites, operations, personnel, financial health and corporate structure, but also at your plans for the future. That way we are able to advise your company on a strategic risk management and financial protection plan.

The Benefit of Exposure Analysis

Once all the cards are on the table, you can see where you need the most protection, where you have solid defenses, and where there are breaches in your armor. From there, excellent decisions can be made on priorities for insurance coverage and the development of loss-control programs.

The strongest companies don’t waste time and money guessing at their risks.

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