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Fleet Safety Review from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

If you company uses a fleet of vehicles, be those trucks, SUVs, company cars or some combination of styles, you already know the importance of getting comprehensive insurance. The trick is to get the right comprehensive insurance, both in coverage and in limits.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency conducts fleet safety reviews for businesses in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada areas.

What a Fleet Safety Review Entails

Most fleet safety reviews are similar to audits, where we go through your safety records and compare them to your operations, rules and drivers. If we find that your protocols are not generating satisfactory safety ratings, we will help you with recommendations for a loss-control program that should improve safety and decrease liability and property claims.

We will run through a checklist with you that focuses on your safety management. If you don’t have a fleet safety program already, we can help you set one up. You will be asked about the type of driving your operators do, where they go, their health, the training you provide, and what kinds of incidents you have experienced over the past year or more.

We’ll also want to know about the vehicles themselves—their condition, the kind of maintenance they receive, their age and mileage—things of that nature. It’s important that you enforce policies you establish, so we’ll ask you how compliance is going and how you have responded when there have been violations.

An Ongoing Process

A fleet safety review should be a regular event, performed at least annually. A system of compliance checks should be much more frequent so that safety management doesn’t crest around audit time then wane over the course of the year.

After a thorough review of your safety program and/or safety record, we will help you tweak or develop a fleet safety action plan. If all is well, so much the better! Reward your staff and enjoy good pricing on your business auto insurance.

A regular fleet audit holds everyone accountable for safety.

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