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Workers Compensation Analysis from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

A workers compensation analysis can identify compliance problems, chronic hazards, and your most vulnerable employee groups. It can also spotlight errors made by the insurer that could affect your experience modification factor, which plays a major role in determining your premium.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers workers compensation analysis for businesses in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Lake Vegas, Nevada areas.

Based on our analysis, you can adjust your procedures, make changes to your worksites, and challenge and correct errors in your claims record. Such actions can lead to reduced workers compensation insurance rates.

The Experience Modifier

Your experience modifier, or “mod” for short, is a calculation of your historical risk based on insurer records of your claims and what was paid out on those. If there is an error, it can negatively affect your cost of insurance and even your insurability. Taking the results of our thorough analysis to your insurer can improve your chances of winning a challenge.

Improving Your Outcome

Ultimately, a workers compensation analysis will provide your company with an indication of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to employee safety. With the analysis in hand, you can create or enhance safety programs to improve your performance. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency provides safety programs as well as loss-control strategies based on the results of the analysis we do, so count on us for support in bettering your workplace safety record.

Other Concerns

As part of your review, we will check your employee classifications. Many companies get themselves into hot water with insurers and regulators by improperly classifying workers as independent contractors or failing to list employee duties and hours accurately.

Your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency advisor will also look at your workers compensation insurance coverage to make sure it is the best fit and best price for you. If our analysis indicates that you could save by switching insurers or you could get a better set of support programs, such as case management or return-to-work initiatives, we will offer you counsel on your options.

We’ll help keep your workers comp costs in line.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at