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We have a complicated, multi-state insurance business that is difficult  to insure. In 2006, our old insurance company just dropped us just 30 days before all our policies were to expire. I found Cal-Nevada almost by accident, and in just a couple of weeks Terry Jarcik pieced together workers comp and liability coverage across 12 states. Since then, he has steadily worked to improve our coverage, to the point that I am convinced today that my insurance costs are lower than any of my competitors. Whenever we have had a claim, Cal-Nevada has always been there to make  sure our interests are protected.

  Warren M.

Our company has a unique relationship with Terry Jarcik and the Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency. It is a true partnership in every sense of the word. RRM, Inc. has a very specific set of coverage needs, and seeking the right policies requires a diverse and well-rounded background in the insurance industry. Cal-Nevada not only possesses the background necessary to provide coverages for our company, but they also seek to find us the very best premium rates possible.

The level of personal service and responsiveness RRM receives from Cal-Nevada is exceptional. We are continually left with the impression that the Cal-Nevada staff is willing to drop whatever they are doing in order to see to the interests of our company. The staff always treats us as if we are all part of the same team, which is what makes our relationship a successful team effort.

  Kelly B.

We have known Terry Jarcik for over 25 years. He has handled the insurance needs for our companies and real estate investments during this time. He and his staff provide consistent, high quality service and importantly offer a depth of knowledge critical to making decisions about appropriate coverage.

  Glyn B.

Terry Jarcik has been a great friend and superior insurance agent to me and our family property management, real estate brokerage, and construction businesses ever since my father passed away in 1988. Terry and my father were best friends and Terry was also my father’s insurance agent for all of his commercial properties, various development projects and also his personal insurance requirements. I’ve learn that insurance is really important when you need it and to have an advocate like Terry Jarcik on your side as your agent when the going gets tough and you need the highest quality support on can get when you have a claim. We have had 4 claims in the past 24 years, 2 water damage and two fires and Terry was there for us at every turn in the four events and we received the highest and best settlements possible. He really came through for us and that’s what having insurance is all about — having it be there in place with the right coverage and then getting fairly and timely compensated when there is a loss and that is what Terry Jarcik does. His staff is also kind, courteous and responsive and that is must and a bonus that we really enjoy.

  Bob G.