Golf Course Insurance: Special Event & Food Service

Golf Course Insurance: Special Event & Food Service

Golf Course Insurance: Special Event & Food Service

In our blog post last month, we covered an intro to golf insurance programs. Golf courses are multi-faceted businesses that require a comprehensive golf course insurance program.

Most golf courses have the basics covered. As a golf course owner or manager, you know you need property insurance, coverage for your golf cars and business vehicles, for your employees and the specialized equipment needed to run and maintain a golf course. But many golf courses and country clubs serve an alternative purpose- an entertainment venue.

Country clubs and golf courses often have restaurants and bars for their members to enjoy. In addition, many host weddings, corporate dinners, graduation parties, fundraisers, birthday parties and a series of other special events on the premises. This exposes golf courses to as entirely different range of risks.

Restaurants & Food Service insurance programs should be a part of your golf course’s insurance program. Restaurant liability coverage can include liquor liability, food contamination coverage, food-borne illness and any injuries to your patrons that might occur on site at the restaurant.

In addition, one of the best ways to protect your golf course is through a strong risk management strategy. With the food service industry, risk management begins with employees, especially when you serve liquor on the premises. Employees should be trained to identify the behaviors of intoxicated people and have the ability to “shut them off” if it is getting to out of hand. By training servers to identify signs of intoxicated behaviors, they can spot any problems before they get out of hand.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency’s golf course and club clients have access to a wide array of insurance options, beginning with Commercial Property and General to Restaurants and Food Service protection, even Pollution Liability insurance. Contact us today for more information about our golf course insurance programs. (866) 670-5948

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