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Workers Compensation from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

Workers Compensation Application

Workplace accidents and work-related illnesses are, unfortunately, commonplace. When they occur, employees have the right to be compensated. Moreover, most employers are required by their state to maintain a qualified workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers business insurance clients throughout San Francisco and the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas workers compensation insurance that protects the company against the costs of employment-related injuries and illness.

What Workers Comp Covers

Workers’ compensation insurance pays:

  • the employee’s medical needs and lost income that result from the injury or illness
  • will help with hospital and physicians bills, medicine, physical therapy, and other recovery-related expenses

It will also pay a benefit to an employee who becomes disabled—either temporarily or permanently—because of a work-related occurrence. Most insurers couple compensation with return-to-work programs that help employees move back into the work force gradually as they recover.

A workers’ comp policy additionally protects the employer from lawsuits stemming from workplace injury and illness.

Keeping Costs Down

Your Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency advisor can help you keep the costs of workman’s compensation insurance down. We do an analysis of your claims history, your worksites, and your safety programs. We also review your current policy to make sure your experience modification factor matches your track record so that your premium is properly aligned with your safety performance.

Classifying your employees properly and making sure that any subcontractors, independents or temps you use are insured is also important, so talk to us about your worker rosters.

Extra Things to Think About

There are options for workers comp coverage, such as captive insurance and other self-insured programs, which we will discuss with you as appropriate. We also offer information on safety programs and various risk management strategies.

If you send employees to work out of state or travel abroad, let your advisor know so that your worker compensation insurance goes with them when they leave your state. For those companies that conduct maritime work on or offshore, we provide USL&H (United States Longshore and Harbor insurance) for longshoremen and harbor workers.

Get the right workers comp coverage from the experts at Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at




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