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There are several types of bonds used to guarantee construction, required by the government for public jobs, private entities, and general contractors bidding out projects to sub-contractors. As a contractor, you need the ability to secure various bonds quickly so that you can effectively compete and expand your ability to bid on projects. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency has longstanding relationships with surety companies in California, Nevada, and Arizona to get you the bonds you need – whether you have a track record of completed projects under your belt or are just starting out.

Types of Bonds

There are several types of bonds contractors need to obtain during the bidding and performance of a project with which we can assist. These include:

  • Bid Bond: Helps get your foot in the door by allowing you to bid on bonded jobs. This bond guarantees your bid is accurate and that the bonding company will provide a performance and payment bond if you are awarded the contract.
  • Performance Bond: Protects the owner against possible losses in a case you fail to perform or are unable to deliver the project as outlined in writing in the contract and within the specified time frame.
  • Payment Bond: This bond goes hand-in-hand with performance bonds, and guarantees that you’ll pay all sub-contractors, laborers, and suppliers. It makes sure subcontractors will receive their payment on time and that it will be equal to the amount set out in the contract.
  • Maintenance Bond: Provides a warranty on your work for a specific amount of time after the work is complete.
  • Supply Bond: Protects the project owner in case of a supplier default. If the supplier cannot provide materials as promised, the surety must step in and compensate the project owner. It’s important to note that supply bonds cover only the procurement of materials, not installation or labor.

We can also secure commercial bonds for you, including License and Permit Bonds; Court, Notary, Probate or Public Official Bonds, and State Professional Bonds; and Warranty and other miscellaneous bonds to support your business needs.

Our Bond Services

In addition to securing the various bonds required for projects, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency also offers key services in the bonding process for contractors throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona. These services include:

  • Financial analysis assistance
  • Assistance with building a bonding history that enables flexibility to grow
  • Prompt issuance of approved bid, performance, and payment bonds
  • Contract review and analysis
  • Issuing bondability letters
  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) reports

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