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Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency is a leader in protecting general contractors in Lake Tahoe, throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The outlook for the construction industry continues to be positive with extended growth pegged for single-family housing, office buildings, and warehouses. At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we are well-positioned to support this sector and the general contractors and artisan contractors that make up this dynamic and challenging industry. We have delivered focused insurance and risk management solutions for five decades to protect GCs and others from unique exposures they face on specific projects and job sites. Our goal is to create an insurance program, including general liability insurance, that supports you in keeping your projects on schedule, safe, and profitable.

As changes take place in the industry, we concentrate on insuring contractors against increased liability as they become accountable for professional design/build assistance, protecting them against cyber threats as new technology such as the cloud and 3-D modeling tools puts data and intellectual property at risk, and addressing the gray area of drone use and the potential for liability. Work together with the insurance specialists and their partner insurance companies at Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency for experience and expertise you can rely on.

Obtain a Comprehensive Construction Insurance Solution for General Contractors in CA, NV & AZ

We work with leading insurance carriers to provide general contractors throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona with tailor-made risk management and insurance solutions designed to help minimize exposures and respond in the event of a loss. Our unparalleled knowledge and long-term relationships with carrier partners specializing in construction insurance enable us to create a total solution. This includes procuring the following key coverages:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Contractors Liability Umbrella Insurance
  • Contractors Equipment
  • Builder’s Risk/Course of Construction
  • Contractors Professional Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Property
  • Business Interruption
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Workers Compensation
  • Cyber Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability

A glance at this list provides a stark reminder that even the most responsible contractors in California can face unexpected general liability problems for their company. Without adequate insurance coverage and insurance services from a knowledgeable California contractor insurance specialist, the cost of a single incident or injury can jeopardize the business of a general contractor company.

Fulfill State Insurance Requirements

Workers compensation insurance is the one insurance coverage California contractors with employees must carry by law. This vital insurance coverage protects you and your employees if an injury, illness, or death results on the job. It may include payment for medical treatments, hospital bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation or additional training in the case of serious injury where the same work can no longer be performed. In a worst-case scenario, it covers funeral expenses and survivor payments.

Go Beyond the Basic State Requirement With Outstanding Insurance for Contractors

Although workers comp insurance is the extent of insurance coverage required by California, prudent contractor insurance may include other policy protection, such as general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, or an umbrella policy. The experienced agents at Cal-Nevada Insurance Company can provide the insurance services you require to meet your business needs.

Get the Backbone of Contractors Insurance with General Liability Insurance

Although every work location and individual project is unique, they all present the dangerous potential for worker and bystander injuries, property damage, and builder mistakes no matter how many safety rules are in place. As a contractor in California, you may even be sued for slander or libel instigated by an employee or for material or photos used in your advertising. Also, keep in mind that your general liability does end with the project completion. Unless a sunset clause is in place, someone can bring a claim against you for up to ten years.

Even though you are a responsible contractor and not at fault, any number of these issues can result in exorbitant attorney fees, payments for bodily injury or medical care, and the cost of unexpected damage to equipment, materials, or property. Without adequate general liability insurance coverage, contractors in California can find themselves wiped out financially by a single incident.

Utilize Wrap-Ups for Complex Projects

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we can also provide you with a wrap-up program, depending on the scope and complexity of your specific project. With a wrap-up, insurance protections, loss control, and claims service are integrated into a comprehensive, customized program that covers all entities on a project, including the owner, general contractor, and subcontractors. In addition to the cost benefits a wrap-up offers, it also helps eliminates potential gaps in liability and excess coverage by providing both coverages for all contractors on the project via a single insurance program. Wrap-ups also consolidate workers’ compensation insurance, ensuring every contractor and every worker on a site is protected.

Stay Competitive With Proof of Insurance

In today’s world, it is very difficult for any California, Nevada, or Arizona contractor to win a government, non-profit, or private business contract without a certificate of insurance that proves the contractor has adequate general liability insurance. This makes sense because if something goes wrong and the contractor does not have general liability insurance, the hiring entity can become responsible for any general liability resulting from injury or property damage. The general contractor simply needs to call the insurance company that handles the contractor’s policy to get a certificate of insurance that proves the business has a valid general liability insurance policy.

Become Established and Win Contracts With Bond Services

As construction insurance specialists, we can also assist you with the bonds you will need when bidding on any type of government or commercial project. Whether you have already established a great bond history or need help with your initial bond, we are here to assist you with a successful arrangement.

In addition to bonds needed to bid on contracts, you also need to post a license bond when you apply for your California general contractor license. This Bond of the Qualifier is required by the Contractor State License Board.

Minimize Your Risk

Our qualified professionals, along with our carrier partners, can assist you in mitigating your risks and minimizing your losses with several key value-added services, including claims management; workers compensation experience rating review/projection; job safety and loss control strategies; contract review and management; risk management review and analysis; and current policy review and analysis.

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