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Specializing In Artisan Contractors Insurance

Artisan contractors include many occupations that involve a highly skilled trade. Instead of focusing on the construction job as a whole, artisans focus on a smaller scope within the project. They include plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians, roofers, masons and landscapers and others. As construction specialists, Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency is one of the leaders in protecting artisan contractors throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona. We have 50 years of experience insuring artisan contractors, and understand the importance of having the correct and the most comprehensive insurance for your business at the best available price. We have strong relationships with several national carriers combined with the knowledge and local, hands-on service to put into place the program you need to safeguard you and your business.

Artisan Contractors Insurance for Every Trade

We realize that every artisan contractor faces different liability and other insurance needs, and our agents strive to provide coverage tailored to your individual business and services. When you reach out to our insurance company, we can put together a unique package that covers your business and property and minimizes your risk as you carry out your specialty.

What’s the bottom line? Whatever your niche, we have a tailor-made solution that will give you the coverage you are looking for. Some of the common insurance needs artisan contractors require include:

Roofing Contractors Insurance

Roofing contractor general liability insurance is available at a reasonable cost to cover injuries to third parties from falling debris or materials on the ground. It can also cover property damages that may occur. You also need workers comp to protect you and any employees from job-related injuries.

HVAC Contractors Insurance

Liability policies are also necessary for HVAC contractors. Improperly installed equipment can result in property damage or injuries to the business or homeowner. Issues with maintenance work can result in medical claims arising from poor air quality or temperature control, especially with fragile individuals or infants.

Plumbers Insurance

Small business insurance for plumbers should include liability insurance, as well as workers comp insurance for the protection of the plumber and employees. Since plumbers deal with various pipes and water, possibilities for damaging the house, business, or possessions of owners are a reality. Personal injuries to third parties from your work also are possible.

Masons Insurance

As with many other artisan contractors, a masonry worker needs both worker compensation and general liability policies. This highly skilled craft also presents the possibility of injuries to others from falling bricks or equipment. Dissatisfied homeowners or companies may also sue for damages caused to structures or aesthetic issues.

Electrical Contractor Insurance

General liability coverage for an electrical contractor is a necessity to protect against all the unexpected issues that can occur working with electricity. Everything from small fires to cords and tools that can trip up others present liability issues. Electricians should also have commercial vehicle insurance for the vans or trucks used to carry materials and tools to project sites.

Landscaper Insurance

Landscaping professionals often work with fertilizers, herbicides, and hazardous machinery, so general liability protection is a must since any of these factors can cause harm to clients and their premises, as well as to other persons in the region. Coverage for commercial vehicles is also vital since landscape maintenance involves repeated transport from one area to another.

Artisan Contractor Coverages We Offer: Tools of the Trade

Some of the insurance solutions we offer for the artisan contractor include the following types of commercial insurance policies when working on specialized projects with general contractors:

  • General Liability, including Products and Completed Operations: Liability insurance coverage is at the heart of any package of artisan contractors insurance because so many things can go wrong on a work site or client’s property. You need insurance coverage to provide compensation for any personal injury or property damage that results to a client, general contractor, or others. General liability also protects against claims of advertising injury that might be brought against you. In this age of online advertising and social media, liability for any advertising injury to a client or other companies is a stark reality.
  • Commercial Auto: Whatever your artisan specialty or industry, you no doubt use a truck, van or other vehicles for you and any employees to carry equipment and drive to your projects. Your commercial auto policy covers all business vehicles but does not cover use of personal vehicles while performing work-related services for general contractors.
  • Commercial Excess Liability: This type of insurance policy increases the limits of any liability insurance policy that is already in place to protect the business. If your general liability policy has a $1,000,000 limit, and you are sued for $1,500,000, this insurance covers the additional $500,000 if the court awards the full $1,5o0,000 in damages.
  • Crime Insurance: As the name implies, crime insurance policies offer an artisan contractor coverage for damage or loss of equipment, property, materials or cash from embezzlement or theft by employees. It also protects from crimes by outside parties who might rob, vandalize, or swindle you.
  • Workers Compensation: This valuable insurance will cover you and any workers or employees you hire if an injury is sustained on the job while performing a service. This insurance covers medical payments and any other medical claims resulting from a work-related injury or illness.

We also offer Pollution Liability and Premises Environmental insurance to cover liabilities stemming from contamination of air, ground, or water.

For those artisans working with or as subcontractors or casual contractors, we offer services that help with insurance certificates and contract reviews to make sure your agreements don’t adversely affect your insurance coverage.

Some of the types of coverages unique to the construction trade that we typically provide are:

  • Installation Floaters
  • Tool Floaters
  • Voluntary Property Damage of Property in their Care Custody and Control
  • Off-Premises Storage
  • Transit Coverage

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency also provides artisan contractors with the bonds you need when bidding and working on a project with a general contractor.

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