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Cal-Nevada Tree Company Insurance for Arborists & Tree Service Pros

Insurance for arborists, tree trimmers, pruners, tree removal specialists, and any other landscaping company is critical. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency is proud to offer tree services insurance near Lake Tahoe and throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Any Tree Service Business is a High-Risk Enterprise

Arborists and trimmers work for tree companies, landscaping businesses, and on their own. It’s an extremely hazardous occupation because of the inherent nature of the job. Arborists face great risks of falling from heights, sustaining injuries from tree branches, or undergoing trauma from toppling tree trunks.

Additional exposures include potential damage to people’s property; injury to others due to equipment malfunction; pollution liability from use of toxic substances or negligence; loss, damage, or theft of tools, equipment, or vehicles; professional liability due to tree care and landscape consulting or advice leading to a loss; and accidents employees may cause while driving business vehicles. All these hazards and others need the proper protection of a comprehensive insurance policy and program.

We Extend Coverage for Tree Business Owners in a Wide Area

Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency specializes in insuring arborists and tree trimming professionals throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona and can provide you with broad coverages at competitive pricing. We work with leading insurers, enabling us to find the best solutions to fit your risk profile. We can also furnish you with a certificate of insurance to show prospective clients when making a bid.

All Landscape & Tree Service Professionals Benefit From Our Business Insurance Coverage

We provide arborist insurance to large companies with multiple employees, small business owners with only a few workers, and skilled individuals offering many different types of tree services:

  • Hardscape, Landscape and Design Specialists Insurance Needs:

    We can determine the right insurance protection for hardscaping professionals who evaluate, design, and construct paver walkways and patio areas, fire pits, retaining walls and steps, and other outdoor amenities. Whether you work with large commercial property clients or smaller projects for homeowners, we provide the coverage you need to protect your business.

    Landscaping and gardening professionals who create and maintain yard and garden designs that include flowers, shrubs, and trees require a business insurance package to protect against professional blunders, herbicide and pesticide misuse, and general liability issues. We have the right types of insurance to cover injury and property damage in any circumstances.

  • Landscaping Business Insurance:

    Landscaping liability insurance coverage is available to protect the small business owner, as well as a large company that offers multiple plants, shrubs, and tree services. Some full-service landscape companies may employ hardscaping specialists in addition to their landscape gardening professionals.

    Since landscape businesses often provide ongoing maintenance services, they need commercial auto insurance, as well as workers comp and general liability insurance. Although small business owners sometimes assume their personal auto insurance will cover them if they drive their own vehicle on company business, this usually is not the case. They should check with their insurance agent to find out if they need a commercial auto policy instead.

  • Pest Management Tree Service Insurance:

    Professionals who focus on insect, blight, and disease control, as well as tree health programs, need errors and omissions liability coverage for incorrect diagnoses and improper treatments, damages from pesticide mishandling and pollution, and loss of established trees at the job site. The types of insurance that are part of this tree service insurance coverage package should protect against injury to customers, employees, or bystanders, as well as cover any third-party property damage.

  • Pruners and Tree Removal Workers Commercial Insurance:

    These front-line technicians face a number of general liability hazards and damage to third-party property issues whether they are in business for themselves or work for a tree service company. In either case, being covered by appropriate insurance can help protect the business.

    Tree pruners are artisan workers who use precise judgment to carefully cut away excess growth and enhance the appearance of the commercial property or improve the health of an individual tree. They need to have their insurance cover any professional missteps or pruning errors that result in permanent loss or damage, as well as a general liability insurance policy.

    Highly skilled and fearless, tree removal professionals need to carry workers’ compensation insurance for protection from costs associated with a related injury. They also require a general liability insurance policy so they are covered for property damage they accidentally cause or injuries to bystanders from falling limbs or faulty equipment. Tree removal companies need this coverage due to all the perils involved. Because workers not only face dangers from falls, but also from power devices and electrocution, they require workers comp insurance policies.

    Since prospective clients often ask for a certificate of insurance before the job can begin, our insurance company makes sure you have access to this important document.

  • Tree Trimming Professionals Business Insurance:

    Since tree trimmers are typically tasked with removing excess limbs hanging over roofs or power lines, they often face special hazards to themselves and other property in their tree service efforts. Our general liability insurance policy is an important type of insurance that can provide coverage against bodily injury to bystanders or the destruction of neighboring property, including a tree limb falling on a personal auto or the roof of a nearby business.

    For those trimmers who own their own business, we are happy to provide insurance for tree services to cover multiple hazards faced by these hard-working professionals at a low insurance cost. Ideally, this small business insurance would include protection for professional and general liability, business interruption coverage for loss of income, and inland marine insurance to cover the transportation of machinery and gear.

    If commercial property insurance is needed for offices or storage garages, we provide that also. The policy safeguards buildings, equipment, and contents from fire, theft, vandalism, or other perils.

    Workers’ compensation insurance, which is required by law, makes sure any tree trimming employees are covered for medical expenses and other losses in case of injury.

We Customize Our Tree Service Insurance Solutions To Your Individual Needs

We assess your unique tree service business risks and put together a program that includes key business insurance coverages from top-tier insurance companies that are our valued partners:

  • General Liability Insurance:

    Dealing with a number of liability risks faced by many businesses, general liability insurance covers possible personal injury and property damage your employees might cause during tree care procedures, tree removal, or traveling between job sites.

  • Professional Liability Insurance:
    If you provide landscaping and tree care advice, professional culpability or errors and omissions coverage responds in the event of liability claims due to negligence. This policy also covers poor advice or unsatisfactory consulting information, along with recommended services that result in a client’s loss.
  • Product Liability, Pollution Liability, and Herbicide/Pesticide Coverage

    If the merchandise you sell causes damage or injuries, your product liability policy helps protect your company. This includes such tree services items as trimming tools, sprayers, chemicals, and fertilizers.

    If your tree services include protecting trees and shrubs from pests or disease and promoting tree health, you definitely face some special risks that your insurance policy must address. Pollution liability provides coverage for accidental pollution incidents that arise on or from worksites. Herbicide and pesticide coverages, on the other hand, help pay for expenses resulting from pollution by a pesticide or herbicide that your company used on a customer’s property.

  • Commercial Property and Business Interruption Insurance:

    The commercial property insurance coverage you need for your business property and equipment depends on whether you work out of office space, whether you own your business premises, and the types of implements and tools you use on the job.

    A business interruptions policy will also protect your business if it must temporarily cease operations due to a covered property loss. It also covers ongoing operational costs and employee payroll.

  • Inland Marine and Commercial Auto Insurance:

    Inland marine insurance, which is sometimes known as a contractor’s equipment floater, protects equipment and cargo you transport from one job site to another. Whether your business tools and machinery are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, you are protected by this specific policy BOP.

    If you use even one car, van, or truck for work purposes, you need a commercial auto policy. Although sometimes overlooked by small businesses, it provides essential coverage for vehicles and drivers.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

    This mandatory coverage protects businesses against employee job-related injuries or illnesses. This type of insurance may also cover medical payments and lost wages for employees. Keep in mind that Workers’ compensation insurance is required of all employers in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

    Tree Service Insurance Costs

    If you are wondering how much does tree service insurance cost for a tree company, our specialists are ready to suggest the most beneficial and cost-efficient policies for your needs. Although many factors come into play, premiums for small businesses can run as low as $47 to $90 monthly.

Let Us Make a Difference in Protecting Your Tree Services Business Against Risk

We are here to assess your insurance coverage needs and provide you with optimum insurance for tree service contractors. Our Cal-Nevada specialists are happy to sit down with you, show you all the advantages of our insurance coverage, and answer questions you may have.

To learn more about our approach in protecting clients against various business and personal risks faced today, or to schedule a meeting with one of our professional insurance advisors, please contact us at (866) 670-5948, or e-mail us at info@calnevadains.com.