An Aging Workforce & The Effects on Workers’ Comp

An Aging Workforce & The Effects on Workers’ CompIn today’s economy, more and more older employees are staying in the workforce. While their experience and their expertise are welcomed assets in any job, these aging employees are more likely to develop disabilities and injuries on the job than their younger counterparts. To manage these risks in your workplace, secure your operation with a Lake Tahoe Workers’ Compensation Insurance program.

In high manual labor jobs, this demographic is more likely to experience sprains and muscle strain injuries. In addition, diabetes, obesity, and comorbid illnesses become more prominent with an older workforce. In turn, they are more susceptible to suffering severe illnesses and can result in raised workers’ compensation claims for your business.

According to Claims Journal, although the frequency of injuries declines as one ages, the severity of an injury can be more severe. An employee injured at the age of 60 is more likely to suffer more trauma and prolonged healing because of their age.

While accidents do happen, preventing these injuries is feasible. Implementing wellness programs and motivating employees to stay on the right track health-wise can reduce claim activity. Next, implement a workplace safety program and have management enforce it regularly to prevent injuries. Lastly, all employees, regardless of their age or experience, should be adequately trained.

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