Sitting at Work: A Workers’ Compensation Issue?

Sitting at Work: A Workers’ Compensation Issue?While the majority of people associate workers’ compensation risks with dangerous jobs and operating heavy machinery, recent studies have indicated that the effects of sitting for 40 hours per week can have detrimental health effects to employees. Therefore, evaluate your current Lake Tahoe Workers’ Compensation to ensure it is up to date and comprehensive.

The majority of employees sitting at a desk all day are suffering from some sort of neck, back or wrist injury. Musculoskeletal strains are the number one and fastest growing class of Workers’ Comp injuries and they are very underreported, says an article in Risk & Insurance.

Identifying the source of the pain for these types of injuries can be time-consuming and therefore, expensive. Further, even if the injury is treated, repeating the same motions and habits that caused the injury in the first place are bound to happen again in the workplace. They take years to develop and years to treat, as well. Therefore, these costs can add up and circulate for years, which adds up to approximately a few billion dollars annually in workers’ compensation claims.

Educating your employees on these risks and preventing them is a great place to start. Invest in better chairs and desks, allow plenty of breaks, require them to sit less, and teach them best practices for posture, typing, and sitting for prolonged periods of time. Adjust the business environment any way possible to promote the safety of your employees and to reduce your workers’ compensation costs.


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