Behaviors That Lead to Construction Injuries

Behaviors That Lead to Construction InjuriesLike any construction business owner, safety is likely your first priority. As this industry subjects your employees to countless perils and dangerous conditions, having the right Lake Tahoe Construction Workers’ Comp Insurance is critical. In addition, it’s important to identify and recognize the common behaviors that lead to construction accidents. Here are the common red flags to be aware of.


Working outdoors, it’s easy to become fatigued. Especially in harsh weather, both hot and cold, fatigue is likely to plague your employees, leading to a loss of productivity and performance. During these times, limit time outside and schedule shorter shifts to prevent fatigue related injuries and illnesses. Remember that fatigue can have the same effects as someone who is intoxicated, so prevent overexertion.


Rushing reduces the quality of the work and thus, increases the odds of making a dangerous mistake. While your workers might feel the need to attempt to finish a project despite the lack of time or resources to do so, urge them to abide by safety regulations first and foremost. Be aware of projects completed on weekends or late at night as these are commonly rushed.


Employees can get frustrated at poor procedures, bad communication, wrong or insufficient materials, or problems at home, so hiring employees who can control their emotions is a valuable practice to any company, says Onsite Safety. Monitor and oversee issues that arise and communicate with your employees regularly.

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