El Niño Season: Mud Slide Risks

As the eminent damage of El Niño season looms, there are precautions that business owners should take to protect themselves and their property. As this year’s storms are believed to be some of the worst yet, it is imperative to properly prepare your business with Lake Tahoe Flood Insurance. Here are some tips to prepare for the floods and how to manage the effects of the storms.

Before the Rainfall- Bear in mind that areas with steep slopes or that have been affected by wildfires are more susceptible to landslides. If your business is located in such a location, extra precautions should be taken. Enable an evacuation plan for your employees should the circumstances require. Further, develop a communication plan to navigate the aftermath of an evacuation.

During the Storm- Local radio and TV stations will notify you of upcoming heavy rainfall warnings. Monitor the water levels of the surrounding lake and streams in order to determine a possible surge. During heavy rainstorms, listen for rumbling sounds that could indicate an incoming mud slide. Next, stay alert while driving and keep an eye out for debris in the roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should evacuate the path of the mudslide if one is imminent. Seek high ground away from the path and, if possible, take shelter during the event.

After the Landslide- Flooding is a typical affect after mudslides. Therefore, stay away from the site until it has been cleared of safety concerns. Check for trapped victims in the affected mud slide areas, and report any fragmented power lines to the authorities. Avoid returning to the business until approved by emergency personnel. If necessary, contact a geotechnical expert for professional advice on reducing future risks.

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