Report Indicates Hard-to-Fill Positions

Report Indicates Hard-to-Fill PositionsA recent report conducted by Indeed has identified some of the most difficult positions for small businesses to fill. Among them were several contractor positions, putting these professionals in high demand. Therefore, if you own a contracting business and are struggling to fill these positions, consider the following advice. Even more important, however, is equipping your business with a comprehensive Lake Tahoe Artisan Contractor Insurance policy.

According to job site, a number of hard-to-fill jobs are skilled trades; among the top 10 hardest jobs for small businesses to fill are carpet installers, construction assistants, and tile and marble setters. This is reflective of the baby boomers retiring and the millennials not stepping in to take over the positions, says chief economist Tara Sinclair. The data was collected from small companies with 150 employees or less with job postings that remained up for longer than 90 days.

As finding qualified employees is difficult in today’s economy, heed the following advice.

Offer training- While this is not as popular as it once was, this will give a hiring edge over other competitors. “While it may be a challenge for a small business to lose productivity up front, the long-term the benefits of having properly trained employees in a tight labor market can be worth it,” says Sinclair.

Share job openings and spread the word- The more exposure your posting gets, the better. This means that it should be located online, on local job boards, and in classified ads. Further, enlist the help of your current employees and offer incentives for referrals.

Promote job perks- The little things will make your employees want to stay- benefits, bonuses, retirement plans, vacation time, etc. This will put you ahead of the issue and prevent qualified talent from leaving and entice new workers to join your team.

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