Is Low Snow Affecting Lake Tahoe Outdoor Recreation?

Is Low Snow Affecting Lake Tahoe Outdoor Recreation?According to snow measurement taken in late January by the California Department of Water Resources, the snowpack levels are “dismally meager.” Higher then typical temperatures and the still obvious California drought have resulted in low snow levels on the typically powder-topped mountains. The conditions are so dry that local businesses, ski resorts and other operations which count on such weather are struggling. The Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue organization even had to cancel their primary fundraiser, the annual Great Ski Race for the third time in the past four years. Due to a dangerous lack of snow depth, the U.S. Forest Service has begun placing restrictions on recreational use of snowmobiles and other snowsport items in some areas. Winter sports enthusiasts could face fines of $5000 or more, or up to six months in jail should they causes “resource damage” to local terrain, flora and natural resources.

Some outdoor recreation businesses are experiencing losses as a result of overly mild winters. While larger operations are seeing strong numbers, smaller businesses at lake level are reportedly feeling the impact. As the ability to participate in winter sports and outdoor activities has decreased so has the demand for such equipment rental. However, many outdoor recreation operations are taking advantage of the non-seasonal weather and handing out hiking trail maps and other recreational offerings that are usually reserved for summer.

Yet according to the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority, overall tourism is on the rise. Despite the lack of snow, many Lake Tahoe businesses saw strong business over the President’s Day weekend, and weekends over all.

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