Nevada Special Event Insurance: Throw a Successful Business Event

Special Event Insurance: How to Throw a Successful Business EventNevada Special Event Insurance: Throw a Successful Business Event

There are a variety of reasons that holding a Nevada business event could be good for your company. Perhaps you are getting the word out about a new product or service for your customers, or maybe you want to publicly recognize your employees for their hard work. You could even be holding a big fundraiser. No matter what the reason, these tips and ideas can help show you how to throw a successful business event.


  • Set a realistic budget for your event. In addition to the venue, refreshments and food, you’ll want to think about the cost of décor, marketing materials, giveaways and labor.
  • Create a guest list. Ask yourself how many people you honestly believe will show up. This will help you determine a realistic plan.
  • Select a date. Being flexible could help you get a great location at a good price.
  • Scout locations. Look at factors such as how much room they have, what the venue includes (food, drink, staff, equipment, etc.), and if you can use their venue in exchange for getting more people in their door.
  • Pick a theme. Your business environment may determine this, but having a theme can help brand your entire events from invitations to decorations, food and drink ideas, etc.


  • Pick the right way to reach your target attendees. It may be through email, social media, or the “old-fashioned” print invitations. What will you offer people to get them to attend?
  • If applicable, consider when you’ll need to order giveaways and any other items you may need for your event. Also, it’s important to send save-the-dates early enough that your attendees can plan, but not too early that they forget.

Other Tips

  • Look into getting donations from other businesses that might benefit from your event. Perhaps they can sponsor different aspects of the event or help with giveaways or swag.
  • Make sure to use social media to your advantage. You could offer invitees a deal for sharing your event with their friends.
  • When at the event, be sure the play the host/hostess, or have someone designated to. It’s important when hosting an event that you keep the event, conversation, food, and drinks flowing!

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we help clients plan for their special events, plus avoid and insure the risks associated with them. Special Event Insurance provides coverage for many aspects of your affair, including rental property as well as liability that the host bears for injuries or damage, and more. Please contact us today at (866) 670-5948 for more information.