Terry A. Jarcik – Agency President & Broker

Terry started his insurance business career in 1966. He has acquired more than 40 agencies in his career having a strong background in Agency Mergers and Acquisitions. Terry has over 40 years’ experience as an insurance broker. He believes that the broker’s obligation is to address the insurance needs of the client FIRST.

Once the client’s needs are established then he goes to work with the insurance companies to make the best use of risk management techniques to create the best value for the client.

Terry has vast business experience for many industries and handles insurance accounts for General Contractors and Outdoor Recreation accounts along with Real Estate Investments, Workers’ Compensation, Wholesale-Retail accounts, Food Service, Technology and Bonding.

Terry’s personal interests have included private flying, golf course ownership and management, giving back to the communities served, and participating with insurance companies to provide insight into the client’s insurance needs.