Why Your San Francisco Restaurant Needs Liquor Liability Insurance

Why Your San Francisco Restaurant Needs Liquor Liability InsuranceWhy Your San Francisco Restaurant Needs Liquor Liability Insurance

When a person is visibly intoxicated at a restaurant, chances are that a bartender will stop serving them as good judgment. However, your restaurant staff has little control if an inebriated guest decides to start a fight on your property and either causes damage to your facility, or injures innocent bystanders.

Whether you own a San Francisco restaurant or manage a bar, you must protect yourself from exposures. Liability claims can come from many different sources. Consider this scenario: An intoxicated patron leaves your bar, gets into his car, drives, and commits a vehicular manslaughter act. Surprisingly in this case, the victim’s family has the ability to sue your establishment for both civil and criminal damages.

Another example of when a person could make a liquor related claim is if at a catered event, your restaurant serves alcohol and two guests are subsequently involved in a fight that causes serious injuries.

These are just a couple of situations that can occur when a business sells or serves alcohol. Ultimately, it’s vital that if your establishment serves alcohol, you protect yourself from potential financial losses by being covered with a San Francisco Liquor Liability Insurance policy. In the scenarios mentioned above, this type of insurance could help cover your legal costs, court fees, and any civil or criminal damages awarded.

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