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Cyber Liability Insurance from Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency

With the technology boom, almost all companies have gone online or have an internal computer network that stores data. With this access to real-time information and communication comes the threat of cyber breaches, some of which can compromise proprietary or personal data and lead to expensive claims against your company.

A Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency cyber liability insurance policy can help protect your business from costly recovery and compensatory expenses. We offer cyber liability insurance throughout San Francisco and the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas to firms in all industry segments.

Coverage Options

We offer a variety of cyber liability insurance policies to cover costs associated with cyber errors and cyber crime. Problems you can be held liable for include:

  • Erroneous release of private data
  • Cyber theft of customers’ banking or credit card information
  • Reputational damage you cause to another business or person via an advertising or Internet post
  • Transmission of malicious code or viruses.

Managing a cyber-related crisis can be expensive. That’s why some of our insurer partners offer coverage for costs you might incur to handle a cyber-related crisis, including legal costs, notifications, forensic reviews, and software rebuilds, among other things.

Helpful Add-Ons

Many insurers also offer business income coverage under a cyber security insurance policy that aids the policyholder if a network security breach disables income flow.

General liability insurance often excludes cyber-related problems.

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