Basic Strategies for Lake Tahoe Special Event Risk Management

Basic Strategies for Lake Tahoe Special Event Risk ManagementBasic Strategies for Lake Tahoe Special Event Risk Management

In November 2013, we explored some tips on how to throw a successful business event. Your company may choose to host an event to get the word about a new product, or maybe you want to publicly recognize your employees for their hard work. No matter the reason for your event, you will want to ensure that one of your top priorities in planning is Lake Tahoe Special Event Risk Management strategies.

Your Lake Tahoe special event risk management goals may include factors such as preventing injury, avoiding event cancellation due to a natural disaster, or fulfilling social responsibilities. Whatever your risk management goals may be, overall you just want your event to go well and without incident. So how can you reduce your risks?

Focus on Safety. Maybe this involves putting together a safety committee if your business is large enough. The members of this team can be put in charge of recognizing risks based on the location of your event, time, and the demographics of the people that will be attending.

Share the Risk.  Transfer as much risk as you can, with Lake Tahoe special event insurance or by hiring a risk management team. Make sure you have release papers signed by your event guests, should your event include any dangerous elements such as sports.

Produce Contracts. All contracts with the venue, vendors, guests, etc. should be reviewed and not signed until you negotiate the best terms and conditions.

Emergency Planning. Work with your venue’s manager or event planner to see if they have an emergency plan in place. Whether they do or not, it’s important to plan within your business and share all emergency plans with your staff.

Cancellation Contingencies. Sometimes a cancellation may have financial impacts on your business, especially if the event’s purpose was to raise money. The best way to avoid an issue with this, is to already have a planned reschedule date just in case.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we help clients plan for their special events, plus avoid and insure the Lake Tahoe Special Event Risks associated with them. Nevada Special Event Insurance provides coverage for many aspects of your affair, including rental property as well as liability that the host bears for injuries or damage, and more. Please contact us today at (866) 670-5948 for more information