Lake Tahoe Auto Insurance: Car Camping Safety Tips

Lake Tahoe Auto Insurance: Car Camping Safety Tips Lake Tahoe Auto Insurance Car Camping Safety Tips

For many Lake Tahoe residents and sightseers, car camping can be a fun way to unwind for recreational vacationers without the much wilderness training or experience looking to explore the outdoors. It can make an exciting family outing, romantic rendezvous or camaraderie building adventure. The Lake Tahoe area is full of dozens of well-maintained campsites and recreational outing destinations to suit any adventurer’s desires. These locations offer safe, regulated environments to enjoy nature. While car camping offers one of the most convenient, low-risk wilderness experiences, as with all outdoor activities there are some inherent risks involved.

Car camping can expose your car to some extra dangers, from hazardous terrain to curious wildlife, but having the right Lake Tahoe auto insurance can make sure any mishap is resolved with the least amount of hindrance to you. We’ve compiled the top three helpful tips from the U.S. Forest Service to protect your outing and your vehicle which should make for some very happy campers.

  • Do not leave food out or stored improperly. Keeping food in your car is never a good idea as many critters can cause damage to your vehicle while attempting to attain sustenance. Bears in particular have been known to break windows, doors and trunks while foraging. Special lockers are provided in many camp sites because storing your provisions in the proper animal-proof containers is essential to your safety and the animals’.
  • Always tend to your fires. Fire safety cannot be understated, especially in car camping situations where vehicles with highly combustible fuel are located in close proximity to heat sources. Keep all portable stoves, grills and other flames away from your vehicle. Be sure to account for wind when choosing where to set up. Also makes sure that any open fire pit is downwind of your personal belongings and clear of any surrounding dry brush, leaves and sticks which are fuel sources.
  • Keep to the trails, paths and specified camp site clearings. While you may feel the urge to venture outside the specified areas, diverging from maintained camp routs can be very dangerous. When veering off the grid you run the risk of getting lost in a vast wilderness which houses many hazardous plants, animals and landscapes. While you may have four-wheel drive on your vehicle some terrain is too unstable for vehicles passage which puts you and your experiences at risk. In many situations you could face serious legal complications for trespassing on property without specific permits or authorization.

At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency we specialize in dealing with outdoor recreation risk exposures. We understand the joys and hazards of the wilderness and are committed to making sure our clients are protected in all their endeavors. We offer Personal Auto Insurance policies designed with harsh weather and other natural conditions in mind. We also offer Motorcycle insurance and RV insurance to protect you in whatever you drive.